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Recovering from Snow Mold Damage


Eddie Murillo, Maintenance Supervisor

Lawn Landscaping Snow Mold It's that time of year again, spring is finally here. H&M Landscaping has been busy doing spring clean-ups and I would like to share some helpful information that we have come across regarding snow mold. The most common types are grey snow mold and pink snow mold, named for their appearance. Both can develop during periods of cool damp weather, under a layer of snow. After time, the mold grows and can be seen after snow melt as either pink or grey round patches in your lawn. An improper fall clean-up of leaves and/or inadequate final cutting are major contributors to lawn mold growth over the winter months.

To address this condition, these areas should be raked through several times and the matted grass can be removed, allowing the grass to recover. A spring fertilizer application will also help grass recover more fully. In severe cases, some areas of turf may need to be removed- which will then require the addition of new soil and over seeding. If your yard is suffering from snow mold and you need lawn care assistance, please call us and one of our team members can help you with all of your landscaping needs.

Cleveland Landscaping Lawn Care Snow Mold Landscape Maintenance Repair Snow Mold near Cleveland

Northeast Ohio Landscape Design and Installation


Craig Kachline, Production Manager

Swimming Pool Installation near Cleveland Do you have cabin fever? Are you feeling the winter blues? Well let's start thinking of spring flowers, the sun shining and enjoying the outdoors. We are having some great weather here in Northeast Ohio and we can start sprucing up your yard for spring and building a deck or refinishing a pre-existing deck. Consider adding some pops of color with flowers, fresh mulch and a deck to enjoy all of your holiday parties and summer evenings. Upgrading your outdoor space is also a great way to add curb appeal and resale value to your home. H&M; Landscaping strives to exceed our customers expectations with a landscape design and installation to provide that outdoor lifestyle you dream of.

No matter if your yard is large or small we can design an area that fits your needs. A small paver patio, a refinished deck or a new multi-level deck with a pool will give you a space outside to relax after a hard day at work. H&M; will work with your budget and ideas to provide a design that is customized for you and your family. We also provide year round up-keep of yards and landscapes with spring and fall cleanups to keep your new oasis pristine and beautiful.

Cleveland Area Landscaping: Spring Cleanups


Nick Tinik, CLT, Maintenance Production Manager

Cleveland Landscaping Services, Landscape Bed Edging, Mulching and Spring Yard Cleanups With the spring season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about getting your yard or business landscape back in shape. H&M; Landscaping will soon be out in full force around the Greater Cleveland Area cleaning up any organic debris remaining from fall and winter. Nothing says spring like a nice deep edge on the beds and the smell of some fresh organic mulch. Give us a call and get a free estimate from one of our sales specialists today!

H&M is "Best in Show" at Cleveland's Home+Garden Show


Kathy Hupp, Office Assistant

H&M Landscaping takes Best in Show The Cleveland Home & Garden Show H&M Landscaping is honored to have received the "Best in Show" award at the Great Big Home + Garden show that concluded yesterday. We hope you had the opportunity to visit our booth while you were there and see our award-winning Vintage River Falls display. If you did not, now is the time to call our office at 440-564-1157 to schedule a design consultation. One of our sales associates will be more than happy to meet to discuss your landscape dreams for this season.

People Serving People to Enhance Everyday Living

Outdoor Kitchen - H&M Landscaping will be at The Cleveland Home & Garden Show

Award-winning Vintage River Falls display

Wine Bar Fountain - H&M Landscaping will be at The Cleveland Home & Garden Show

Outdoor Bar - H&M Landscaping will be at The Cleveland Home & Garden Show Outdoor Fireplace - H&M Landscaping will be at The Cleveland Home & Garden Show

H&M at Cleveland's Great Big Home+Garden Show


Kathy Hupp, Office Assistant

H&M Landscaping will be at The Cleveland Home & Garden Show It’s finally here! The Great Big Home+Garden Show starts today at the I-X Center and runs through February 9th.

Make sure you stop by Booth #338. One of our sales associates will be there to discuss how we can make your landscaping dreams become a reality!

Remember to use H&M’s Promo Code: HMLAND or click the picture link to get $3 off the ticket price. Hope to see you there!!!

People Serving People to Enhance Everyday Living

Outdoor Kitchen - H&M Landscaping will be at The Cleveland Home & Garden Show

Stop by and check out our H&M Vintage Creek display at Booth #338

Wine Bar Fountain - H&M Landscaping will be at The Cleveland Home & Garden Show

Outdoor Bar - H&M Landscaping will be at The Cleveland Home & Garden Show Outdoor Fireplace - H&M Landscaping will be at The Cleveland Home & Garden Show

Come Visit us at Booth 338
H&M at Cleveland's Great Big Home+Garden Show
January 31 – February 9


Jon Kuss, Business Development

H&M Landscaping will be at The Cleveland Home & Garden Show We finally got our first real taste of snow in 2020. As I looked out at the storm that was blowing snow all around my home, thoughts crept into my mind of how much I missed the warmer weather. I can’t wait for spring to get here, and I know I’m not alone. Here’s the good news. An opportunity to forget about the cold temperatures and perhaps experience a little taste of summer is right around the corner! The 2020 Great Big Home+Garden Show is the perfect time to grab the family and lose yourself in the beautiful displays. Come visit us, and picture yourself sitting on YOUR patio enjoying a nice night in front of YOUR outdoor fireplace.

This is the time of year everyone in Northeast Ohio starts to think “Will winter ever end?” or “I haven’t seen the sun in about a week.” We all feel the same things. That’s why we at H&M invite you to come and dream with us. We can talk about your plans for the summer and how H&M can help make your dreams a reality! If you’ve always wanted a place to entertain your family and friends, look no further. We are a “Single Source Provider” of Design-Build-Maintain services across the Northeast Ohio area. We hope to see you there!

H&M at Cleveland's Great Big Home + Garden Show


Jon Kuss, Business Development

H&M Landscaping will be at The Cleveland Home & Garden Show Wintertime in Northeast Ohio can be unpredictable, but I doubt anyone expected it to be this warm! We’ve been lucky so far, but I think we’re all smart enough to know that eventually the temperatures are going to start dropping and the snow will start flying. If you’re looking for a way to escape the cold gray winter days, come check out our display at the 2020 Great Big Home + Garden Show at the Cleveland I-X Center!

Our booth will bring you into a warm backyard atmosphere where you can come sit with us at our custom fireplace complete with bar. We can answer any questions regarding Landscape Maintenance, Patios, Outdoor Fireplaces, Grills or anything else you’ve ever dreamed of having in your home’s landscape! We Are a “Single Source Provider” of Design-Build-Maintain Services in the Greater Cleveland Area. We would be happy to have a conversation about how we can enhance your everyday living.

Click the picture link above and get $3.00 off your ticket purchase! Why not get away from the sleet and snow and join us in our backyard oasis? Hope to see you there!

Landscape Material Recycling New Year's Resolution


Landscape Design/Sales Team

Cleveland Landscape Paver Recycling With the start of the new year upon us, one of the greatest impacts that you can make to better the environment is to recycle! If you have not started this practice, why not make it a resolution for this year? When applied to your landscaping, recycling can extend to many materials used in and around the house. A good example would be recycled materials for decks, such as composites. Local Cleveland area municipalities will occasionally have pavers from old streets that have been repaired and then sold to the public. These pavers could be used for inlays and other retro designs. Every little bit that one person can do is a benefit for the environment and can be a sustainable way improve your landscaping.

Plan Your New Landscape This Winter


Landscape Design/Sales Team

Landscape Planning during Cleveland Winter There’s a foot of white stuff in the driveway. Drifts of snow curl around pine and spruce. The roads are edged with blackened slush. Unseen, neighborhood squirrels and sparrows snuggle in their lairs. Howling winds take the shine right off your shoes. If you are considering landscape improvements to a residential or commercial property, the dead of winter is the ideal season to contact one of H&M Landscaping's sales associates. He or she will be pleased to hear from you.

Thinking of a new patio with concrete pavers or fired brick, or maybe Bluestone or textured and tinted concrete? Now is the time to call. One of our experienced sales associates will work with you to design the ideal patio – shape, size and top quality materials like Unilock pavers, retaining walls and fire pits. How about coming home to a complete outdoor living space using Belgard products? Or maybe a built-in gas grill with masonry walls and a granite top is on your wish list. We will be happy to prepare your drawings and pricing and you’ll be first in line when the robins return. You’ll be grilling while the neighbors are still waiting for other contractors to come out and look at the site.

Would a fresh lawn and new plantings make the yard a pleasure to enjoy? It’s hard to imagine with all the snow covering the Petunias. H&M is ready to survey your property and develop a plan for installation in the spring. Is there a water feature in your future? Will the soothing sounds of a fountain or Koi pond or waterfall ease your daily stress? Call H&M today. We can put together a bid for your new water feature or Aquascape Koi Pond that will make you the envy of your neighborhood.

Prepare Landscape Plantings for Cleveland Winter


Landscape Design/Sales Team

Cleveland Landscape Plants Winter Preparation This past weekend was a wonderful break for the typical December winter weather in Cleveland. With temperatures in the 40s & 50s and above freezing during the nights, continue to water your landscape at least once a week. A nice drink before the winter hibernation would be ideal for your landscape plants. Since the soil has not started to freeze yet, nutrients are still available to provide a quick start in the spring.

Before the harsh Cleveland temperatures become prominent, consider removal of plant material in pots. If the pots and the plants they contain are exposed to low winter temperatures, the plants can freeze and perish. They can be transferred to a landscape bed and mulched in to help over winter them. After the plants and soil have been removed from the containers, any concrete pots should be sealed, covered and stored for the winter. Alternatively, potted plants can be moved into an attached garage or a heated shed where temperatures will remain above freezing.

Putting Your Landscape to Bed


Landscape Design/Sales Team

Landscape Design in Boston Heights near Cleveland The holiday season is upon us once again and as we focus on family, friends, trips, and travels, let's not forget to tuck in our landscaping for a snug winter's nap. Just like changing out the smoke detector batteries and adjusting our clocks, landscapes need our attention as well. Take a thorough look at your property and note any trouble spots. For instance, low areas that hold too much water, weak and/or crowded plants, and settling issues with patios and retaining walls. These issues may not have been apparent during the summer while the leaves and patio furniture were present. Next "tuck-in" your landscaping for the winter by adding an extra layer of compost to provide winter insulation and a boost of nutrients in the spring. Avoid fertilizers late in the year to prevent new growth that can be susceptible to frost. Finally, while the weather and temperatures allow, seal concrete patios, driveways, and stone counter tops. H&M Landscaping can assist with choosing the appropriate sealer to lock moisture out of the porous surfaces of concrete and stone.

End of year maintenance or "reflecting upon the year", is a prime time to document issues and changes that have taken place with a dynamic and evolving landscape. Any notes and photos taken now (before the snow falls) can also be extremely helpful to our landscape designers as they prepare your projects for the coming spring.

It’s Time to Prep Your Yard for Winter


Chris Marsh, Design/Build Business Development

Landscape Preparation Tips for the Harsh Cleveland Winter The weather is changing and the cold season approaches. There’s plenty of work to do to prepare your landscape for the harsh temperatures and falling snow (yes, I mentioned the 4 letter “S” word). We’re most likely to think about the common items such as raking leaves and winterizing your irrigation system, but what about your plants? Do you have delicate plants that need extra attention before the season ends? Do you hope to have healthier, happier flowers next season? There are steps you can take now to help put yourself in a position for success next season.

First, you can protect your delicates by installing stakes around your plants then wrapping burlap around the stakes. Keep in mind, it’s best to keep a few inches between your plant and the burlap so “strategically” place your stakes. Staples work well to secure the burlap to the stakes and a double layer of burlap is best. This will help to keep the snow from piling up and potentially bending your frozen plant’s branches to the breaking point. Another added benefit of wrapping your shrubs and small trees is protecting them from the deer population. Arborvitae, for example, look like a “buffet table” to hungry deer!

Next, rake your leaves and compost them whenever possible. They break down and leave organic matter that can be very beneficial to your plants. If you can compost, there are some household items that can be added to bring nutrients to your compost. For instance, toss your eggshells into your compost pile. Eggshells are composed of 95% minerals! Calcium carbonate, for example, is essential to healthy growth in your plants. Magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus are also found in eggshells and are vital to healthy plant life. Used coffee grounds are another great compost addition. The nitrogen in coffee grounds will break down over time and become an active fertilizer for your gardens. They contain nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese and iron. Coffee grounds also amend your soil to help with drainage, water retention, aeration and seed germination along with helping to prevent soil-borne diseases like fungal rot, wilting and bacterial pathogens. Other items that can and should be added to your garden compost are orange and banana peels, nut shells and fruit and vegetable scraps. These are items that you can toss into your compost year-round but doing so in the winter gives you a head start on the next growing season.

Follow these easy steps and your plants will thank you with lush green foliage and beautiful, colorful flowers for years to come.

Be Grateful for our Cleveland Winter Workers


Jon Kuss, Business Development

Commercial Snow Shoveling & Removal Services When the everyday person thinks of a landscaping company, they probably imagine grass cutting, line trimming, weed pulling and patio building. However, during the winter months when the snow is flying, these same companies whose workers grind out long days in the heat also bundle up and attack the colder temperatures. The duality of the industry is often forgotten as the sunny summer slowly but surely develops into the winter wonderland all of us in Cleveland are accustomed to.

The true heroes of the winter are the snowplow operators, salt truck operators and sidewalk crews who spend many nights and countless hours making sure the 9-5 workers can get to their jobs as safely and quickly as possible. These workers are basically on call 24/7 for 3 or 4 months. They leave their houses at midnight and sometimes don’t return home until the late afternoon. The work ethic of those who willingly do this difficult job shouldn’t go unnoticed, and that is why we thank you! From all of us at H&M, we want our winter workers and all others who brave the elements clearing parking lots, sidewalks and roadways to know that they are appreciated and a huge reason why so many companies in the industry are able to continue their success through all seasons.

So, if you as a consumer see any of our employees during a snowstorm, grab their attention and tell them their work isn’t going unnoticed. Those kind words will go a long way.

Irrigation System Winterization and Fall Yard Cleanups


Nick Tinik, CLT, Director of Maintenance Operations

Landscaping Services, Irrigation Winterization and Fall Yard Cleanups
H&M Landscaping is currently working through fall clean-ups and winterizations of irrigation systems. Our landscape service crews are also busy cutting down perennials and ornamental grasses to ready these plants for the winter. H&M's irrigation techs are blowing out irrigation systems to ensure that there’s no water left in the lines when the ground temps go below freezing. We service all types of irrigation systems including Hunter and Rain Bird. If your property isn't winterized yet or you need a fall clean-up, give us a call for a free estimate today.

Fall Season Turf Core Aeration for a Healthier Lawn


Nick Tinik, Director of Maintenance Operations

What is the definition of core aeration? Core aeration is done on turf areas as a means of reducing turf compaction, reducing thatch buildup, improving the infiltration of water/nutrients, encouraging deeper roots and creating an environment where grass seed can have direct contact with the soil.

When is core aeration typically done? The best time to aerate your lawn is during the fall growing season. This is so grass can heal and fill in any open areas after soil plugs are removed. You should avoid aerating in the summer because it may encourage weed growth.

Why do you need to aerate? Aeration will help to relieve soil compaction. Compacted soil prevents grass roots from establishing a healthy root system and will keep water and fertilizer from reaching the plant roots. Compaction can be caused by many things, such as high traffic areas, play areas and new construction from heavy machinery being driven over top. Aerating can help with thatch buildup as well. Thatch is the accumulation of decaying plant material and clippings. If you allow thatch to build up it will prevent air, light and water from reaching down to the plant roots.

What can you expect after aerating your lawn? Right after your lawn has been aerated you will see small plugs lying on top of your grass. With time these plugs will break apart and disappear back into your lawn usually within a couple weeks. In 7-10 days, the core hole will start to fill up with the grass plant roots. The roots will then start to acquire more water, air and nutrients. You will see an increased amount of time between waterings on your lawn without showing signs of wilt.

Cleveland's H&M Landscaping offers Core Aeration Lawn Service H&M Landscaping - offering Core Aeration Lawn Services

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting: 3 Reasons to Install It


Steve Petersen, Senior Construction Supervisor

Curb Appeal Curb appeal is your home’s first impression. The goal of landscape lighting is to highlight the best features of your home and landscape by setting it apart from others.

Security Millions of homes are broken into every year. One way to deter burglars is to have landscape lighting thus making it harder for someone to approach your home without being seen.

Make Your Outdoor Space Usable Your patio, outdoor kitchen or pool deck should be a fun place to use at night, as well as during the day. The addition of landscape lighting can dramatically increase the amount of use you can get out of your outdoor living spaces.

Call H&M Landscaping for a quote on lighting and have it done right.

Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Designs & Installs LED Landscape Lighting H&M Landscaping - LED & Low Voltage Design & Installation

Lawn Mowing Considerations: Clippings, Mulching & Thatch


Mike Hetzel, Maintenance Supervisor

Leaving lawn clippings after the lawn has been mowed has some benefits that many people do not know, but there are certainly some drawbacks to leaving them too. Most people don't know this but one of the biggest misconceptions about leaving lawn clippings in the yard is that it will lead to thatch. If you mow regularly, taking off 1/3 of the height of the grass, you will not have thatch. With the use of our commercial-grade Exmark mowers, you’re getting a manicured cut every time we mow that your home center mowers will not provide. The quality of the deck design, sharpness of blades and proper mowing practices are all beneficial to obtaining a healthy lawn.

One of the biggest benefits of leaving the clippings on the lawn is that it keeps your nutrients intact. Grass clippings are high in nitrogen which is important for maintaining a healthy lawn. Also, the addition of LESCO fertilizers can help a nutrient-deficient lawn look its best. There are a few downsides to leaving clippings in your lawn. For one, you may find that clippings are ending up in your home. Whether the clippings are dragged in by pets, the wind or yourself, some people may find them annoying. Leaving piles of grass in the lawn, even small ones, will choke out the grass below within only a day or two.

Call H&M Landscaping for a free estimate on next season’s lawn maintenance.

Clevelands H&M Landscaping: Lawn Mowing Services

Deck Installation, Repair and Replacement Options


Kevin McCausland, CLT, Assistant Production Manager

Good day Blog readers! My name is Kevin McCausland and I am one of the managers here at H&M Landscaping. We recently completed a deck project in Solon, Ohio and have some pictures of the result here to share. 

There was a previous deck on this house that was at the end of its life span, so the customer decided to have us start from scratch. We removed the old deck and hauled it away. Next we framed up the new deck designed using ground contact pressure treated lumber to last the longest time possible. For this deck the customer chose AZEK® decking and the color is Walnut. The railing is Trex Transcend® railing with white posts and rails and 1” black aluminum balusters purchased from Deckorators® products. Overall, things turned out magically and the customer was thrilled with the result. The best part is that AZEK® guarantees their product for 30 years! 
Landscape Decks in the Greater Cleveland Area Installed by H&M Landscaping Outdoor Decks in the Greater Cleveland Area Installed by H&M Landscaping

Please reach out to us for a quote on a project you have had in mind. Now is best time to get signed up to have it completed before winter. 
Outdoor Decks Installed by H&M Landscaping Outdoor Deck in Cleveland Installed by H&M Landscaping

Taking Care of Your Lawn – Fall Aeration


Kathy Hupp, Customer Service Assistant

As we are nearing the autumn season, you might not be thinking about your lawn, but we are! Here at H&M Landscaping we are constantly thinking of ways to make your lawn/landscaping the best on the block! One way to enhance your lawn at this time of year is to contract with H&M for a fall aeration service.

Aeration is very important for your overall lawn health. Aeration simply put, is making small holes in your lawn like a polka dot picture. Some areas that will benefit from aeration are ones compressed from heavy foot or vehicle traffic and clay soil. When the plugs of soil are removed, air and water can penetrate the once compacted soil so the grass can thrive. The grass roots will then be able to grow more deeply producing a stronger, healthier lawn. Earthworms also benefit from this, as it allows them to easily recycle the nutrients in the soil which will keep the ground lush. The process is simple, we use a walk-behind or rider core aerator to pull 2-2 ½” deep plugs of soil out of your lawn. The plugs are left on the ground to decay, which also adds more nutrients to the soil.

Landscape Lawn & Turf Aeration, Irrigation & Fertilization by H&M Landscaping Landscape Lawn & Turf Aeration, Irrigation & Fertilization for Cleveland Ohio by H&M Landscaping

H&M regularly does the fall aeration in September and October and we would be happy to give you a free estimate on this service. Jerry Wilthew is our Turf & Grounds Account Manager, or as we call him in the office, our ‘Fert Guy’. He has 42 years under his belt as a lawn specialist. Call us today to arrange for your free estimate on fall aeration to keep your lawn healthy!

Landscape Retaining Wall "Upgrade" in Pepper Pike


Steve Fuller, CLT, Construction Supervisor

H&M Landscaping just completed the installation of a beautiful new Belgard Versa-Lok retaining wall in Pepper Pike, OH. The reason this client needed this retaining wall was to support the grade change on their property to their driveway.

For our hardscape-certified technician to build this wall, we ensured we took all the right steps. First and foremost, we excavated out below the starting point of the wall to reach a solid subgrade to start prepping for the right materials. Next we installed a base material. Once the base material was installed and we reached the proper levels with our power-packed base, we were ready to start setting the Versa-Lok. Each piece of block uses two Versa-Tuff pins which extend through the top block into the bottom unit which locks them together and prevents vertical movement. After this step we installed drain tile behind the wall for the proper drainage which includes perforated pipe wrapped in fabric. We completed the backfill with wash gravel allowing the pipe to direct the waterflow away from the wall. Proper waterflow away from the back of the wall is a requirement for longevity.

Landscape Retaining Walls Installed by H&M Landscaping Landscape Retaining Wall Systems for Cleveland Ohio by H&M Landscaping

Finally, on the top course, we installed the Versa-Lok cap unit and used a construction-grade, waterproof glue to adhere it to the Versa-Lok block below. All this resulted in a beautiful addition to this homeowner’s property. If all this seems a bit overwhelming, just leave it up to the experts at H&M Landscaping. Contact our office today- we would love to come out to your property and help you with this process.

Concrete Driveway Installation & Replacement


Steve Petersen, Senior Construction Supervisor

Cleveland Area Concrete Driveway Installation& Replacement by H&M Landscaping While you may give it little thought from day-to-day, your driveway is an important part of your home. It offers passage into your garage, space for parking and a smooth surface for playing basketball, riding scooters, bikes etc. Your driveway also has aesthetic appeal, as it can enhance (or detract from) your home’s appearance.

Most driveways, either asphalt or concrete, are likely to last for around 20 years. If your driveway is approaching the 20-year mark, or even older, it may be worth replacing. Call H&M Landscaping for a free estimate- before we run out of good weather!

Outdoor Kitchen Installation in the Greater Cleveland Area


Susan Hutson, Mobile Sales Support Assistant

When considering an outdoor kitchen first think of the best location. If you would like a TV or monitor, you may need to design it in a way that the bright sun does not affect viewing. You may also want a canopy or other more permanent roof structure.

Electrical, water and drain access are additional considerations. The biggest factor will probably be your budget, which will play a key role. If you don’t have the budget for all the appliances initially, your outdoor kitchen can be designed in a way for the extras to be added in the future.
Outdoor Kitchens in the Greater Cleveland Area Installed by H&M Landscaping Outdoor Kitchen in the Greater Cleveland Area Installed by H&M Landscaping

Your outdoor kitchen can be made from a variety of materials. The photos here show granite and sandstone tops and Versa-Lok® foundation on a stamped concrete patio; the appliances were provided by Summerset. The bar front shows a handset tile design.
Outdoor Kitchens in Cleveland Installed by H&M Landscaping Outdoor Kitchen in Cleveland Installed by H&M Landscaping

Options for your outdoor kitchen are limitless. Have some fun with your H&M Landscaping representative coming up with the design especially for your outdoor environment. Call us today and tell them Susan sent you!

Lawn Fertilization: A Cure for Dollar Spot Fungus


Dave Knaus, CLT, Maintenance Supervisor

Treat Dollar Spot Fungus with the Right Lawn Fertilaztion Program With summer in full swing, there are many concerns with managing a healthy and vibrant lawn. Even though temperatures are soaring above the 90-degree mark, the wetness from rain showers is not drying because humidity is staying at high levels and above on a consistent basis all day and throughout the night. This process ensures that lawns will stay wet for extended periods of time. Because of this, fungus can wreak havoc on a lawn.

Dollar Spot Fungus is one of the most common fungi seen during the summer months. Dollar Spot Fungus is predominantly present in lawns from fall through spring but can still linger into early summer. It is identified by its circular dead spot pattern. Affected areas of damage can range from 1 inch to 6 inches in diameter but connected spots can often make damage patterns larger. The main cause is primarily related to one of two issues:  

• Nitrogen-deficient grass

• Consecutive days of infrequent rain combined with heavy morning dew

The most effective way to manage Dollar Spot Fungus is through applying nitrogen. A product that we use at H&M Landscaping is Lesco 39-0-0 blend of fertilizer, which in short stands for straight nitrogen. Fungicides can be used to treat as well, but are best used as a preventative and often aren’t as effective when used as a curative. Technicians must rotate fungicides with each application to lessen the resistance of one fungicide, follow proper label rates and schedule follow-ups with customers to inspect progress. The customer plays an important role in their yard’s success as well. For example, customers should implement proper watering habits. This is necessary to combat many fungi. Water only when needed (e.g. ¾-1 inch of water per each watering cycle). Also, only watering in the mornings before first daylight (i.e. not at night) will allow the grass and soil to not stay too wet for extended periods of time which prevents the fungus from spreading and further damaging the lawn. Improper watering habits and overwatering will only aggravate the fungus issue; thereby, promoting more fungus and stress to the lawn.

Call H&M today and let one of our Certified Landscape experts assess your lawn and create the right fertilization program for you and your turf grass.

Consider Drought-Tolerant Plants to Beat the Heat


Bobby Lester, CLT, Business Development Manager

It’s that time of the year again when Mother Nature becomes very generous in spreading the very warm temperatures. Because of the heat, have you noticed your trees and plants looking a little stressed out? Or, perhaps you just don’t have enough time to water. There is another solution: plant greenery that can sustain extreme temperatures.

I wanted to share some of our Industry plants that are much more drought-tolerant and can thrive in the warmer months.

H&M Landscaping - Drought-Tolerant Plant Installation - Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon also known as, Hibiscus syriacus is a species of flowering plant in the mallow family, Malvaceae. It is native to south-central and southeast China, but widely introduced elsewhere, including much of Asia.

H&M Landscaping - Drought-Tolerant Plant Installation - Yucca

Yucca, a genus of perennial shrubs and trees in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Agavoideae is another option. Its 40–50 species are notable for their rosettes of evergreen, tough, sword-shaped leaves and large terminal panicles of white or whitish flowers. They are native to the hot and dry (arid) parts of the Americas and the Caribbean.

H&M Landscaping - Drought-Tolerant Plant Installation - Black Chokeberry
Aronia melanocarpa, called the Black Chokeberry, is a species of shrub in the rose family native to eastern North America, ranging from Canada to the central United States, from Newfoundland west to Ontario and Minnesota, south as far as Arkansas, Alabama, and Georgia. This plant has been introduced and is cultivated in Europe.

So, if you have an area of your property that could use some drought-tolerant plants, give H&M a call. We would be happy to design, source and install for you.

Irrigation: A Must for Cleveland Summer Heat


Larry Koon, Construction Manager

Are you tired of watering your lawn? Do you find you keep missing those hard-to-reach spots? The solution is to install a built-in sprinkler system, which has more benefits than you may think. A sprinkler system takes care of watering your lawn, landscape beds, flowerpots and can even keep your water feature topped off. Professionally installed irrigation will keep your yard looking great and can make your green space thrive and grow! Water is of vital importance to the overall well-being of all plants; your lawn is no exception. To ensure your grass is healthy and vibrant, it will need sunlight, nutrients and most importantly, water.
Landscape Lawn & Yard Sprinkler Systems Installed by H&M Landscaping Landscape Lawn Irrigation Systems for Cleveland Ohio by H&M Landscaping

Although lawns may go through dormant states during the fall/winter season and can survive long bouts of drought and extreme weather, an irrigation system will keep it looking its best. Call H&M Landscaping today for your free consultation and estimate.

ClifRock: Stone Alternative for Outdoor Design Features


Mark Barker, CLT, Vice President of Sales

ClifRock® is a special system using a panel masonry technology which combines the appearance of stone with simplified installation and lifetime durability. Using advanced technology and our award-winning design experience, we provide full guidance and support to develop unique outdoor designs.

The use of our ClifRock® materials is the solution for clients with many obstacles for building with limited access.  The strength and durability are ~10x stronger than ordinary concrete yet the result is the beauty of natural stone.  Some applications include:

Backyard Waterfalls * Grottos & Caves * Pool Slides and Waterfalls * Fire Pits * Outdoor Fireplaces

BBQ Islands * Outdoor Kitchens * Outdoor Pizza Ovens * Service Areas & Bars * Seating

However, ClifRock® is not our only material for the features above.  We are not limited like many other landscapers to just one material type such as Unilock (which we do offer and use regularly), Belgard (another quality product that is also regularly used), and we also provide our features made with Cultured Stone to match stone which may be existing on your home.  We can combine and use the Unilock, Belgard and ClifRock® quality products together depending on the project’s design requirements.

Whatever material will suit your project, H&M Landscaping can provide the Design – Quality Installation – Quality Materials and most important Quality Service for our clients. Thank you for your time and consideration of H M Landscaping for your next project. Call Mark Barker today at 440-564-1157 for your solution consultation.

H&M Landscaping: Patio Facelift in Chesterland


Brian Franko, CLT, Construction Supervisor

This customer in Chesterland wanted to give their old patio a facelift without spending the money on a brand-new installation.  A lot of customers don’t understand that their old patio still has value.   With just a little bit of work and creativity, adjustments can be made bringing your old patio back to life.  In this case we used a product called, 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner, to prep the patio area for the cleaning stage. Once the power washing and cleaning was complete, we applied new polymeric sand by Polybind in all the patio joints. Polybind can be used in joints up to 1 inch. It helps to prevent weeds, erosion due to weather issues and assists in maintaining a beautiful installation during the freeze thaw cycle.

Whether you have a Unilock, Belgard, R. I. Lampus, or other hydraulically compressed paver or brick product, we can bring new life to your old installation. If you find you need repairs due to failed borders or sinking issues – or if you would like to modify the design, add an Outdoor Kitchen by Belgard, Unilock or hand built - we are the company to call. We appreciate your confidence in us and thank you for your business. Give H&M Landscaping a call today for a free estimate. We will bring your old patio back to life.
Landscaping Outdoor Patio Washing & Cleaning by H&M Landscaping Cleveland Landscape Patio Repair Services by H&M Landscaping

Landscape Enhancements: Start with a Design Plan


Kevin McCausland, CLT, Assistant Production Manager

Good day and thank you for stopping by the H&M Landscaping website and reading our blogs. Our goal is to help our customers, past, present and future. One way we can do this is through small enhancement projects. Below you will see some representations of enhancement pictures with drawings on them. These are used by our team in several ways. We want to show our customers what our ideas and plans are. And if the customer decides to move forward with the work, we have a ‘plan’ to hand the crew who will be installing the plant materials. This saves our customers time and eliminates confusion.
Landscape Enhancement Plantings Installed by H&M Landscaping Landscape Plant Designs in Cleveland Ohio by H&M Landscaping

If you think there is a small project you would like to tackle, call any of our qualified account managers and we would be happy to put together a design like the ones shown here, a 3-D flyover design, or a more traditional computer design. The best part is that we will estimate your project at no cost to you. We hope to talk to you soon!
Landscaping Bed Enhancement Design Plans by H&M Landscaping Cleveland Landscape Yard Design Plan by H&M Landscaping

3 Reasons to Have a Patio Installed This Summer


Steve Fuller, CLT, Construction Supervisor

H&M Landscaping - Cleveland Area Patio Design & Installation
Turn your back yard into something special or breathe life back into an existing patio. At H&M Landscaping we have an experienced design team with keen eyes for innovation to help with something special, such as pavers, natural stone or stamped concrete built in any shape or size and designed to your specifications.

1. Living Space: Additional living space can open up more opportunities to host virtually any event for family parties or a simple get-together such as a barbeque with friends. Your guests will love the fact they will be able to enjoy the nice weather from your patio.

2. Design Statement: Offering any shape, size and design, a patio gives you the opportunity to design your own unique space. H&M can help you build your patio anywhere you would like to highlight landscaping, add privacy or most importantly, to make a certain area of your outdoor space more accessible.

3. Increase the Value of Your Home: The addition of an outdoor living space is an easy and affordable way to increase your home’s value. Plus, if you were ever to sell it in the future, buyers will love the fact that that there is customized outdoor living space and might be willing to pay more for your house.

Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Designs & Installs Patios for Outdoor Living H&M Landscaping - Stamped Concrete Patio Design & Installation

H&M Landscaping Designs & Installs Outdoor Lighting


Craig Kachline, Production Manager

Here is an example of optional night lighting which can be added to existing landscaping or installed with a new landscape design for renovation or new construction. We are using Kichler lighting in the video and we can install lighting to enhance the beauty of your home, light up trees or guide you through a driveway. When thinking about upgrading your home lighting for beauty and safety: think H&M Landscaping. Call today for a consultation or to request literature and tell them Craig sent you!

Northeast Ohio Growing Degree Days - Nature’s Thermostat


Jerry Wilthew, Maintenance Supervisor

“Growing Degree Days:  Growing Degree Days are a measurement of the growth and development of plants and insects during the growing season. Development does not occur at this time unless the temperature is above a minimum threshold value (base temperature). The base temperature varies for different organisms.”

Multiple organizations track these, but Michigan State University and Ohio State University are two standouts in this area. Total number of days will give you estimates on how and when to apply controls for certain pests. According to both models, the crabgrass pre-emergent control has come and gone. Both show we are in the middle of prime time for post-emergent broadleaf weed control. With Black Turfgrass Ataenius (BTA), an insect problem for annual Bluegrass, prime time is just around the corner for control measures.

What did we do years ago before people smarter than me figured out this model? We watched nature. If you do not have a model or choose not to browse the web, when the Forsythia starts to bloom, it is time for crabgrass control to go down. As the blooms drop and the leaves emerge, you are past the time for pre-emergent control. Bridal Veil Spirea in full bloom is a great indicator for control for the BTA insect. Every year is not the same. How many times do we say that things are early or late this year? A specific hard date is never the answer. Watch nature…it will never lie to you.

Northeast Ohio Landscape Plantings Forsythia Northeast Ohio Landscape Plantings Spirea

H&M Landscaping: Affordable Outdoor Living Space


Will Girtz, CLT, Construction Supervisor

H&M Landscaping - Northeast Ohio Clifrock Outdoor Kitchen Installation If you are reading this, it means you made it through another Ohio winter. Now is the time to treat yourself to an outdoor living space. Maybe a new grill island to entertain friends and family, or possibly a water feature to soothe you on a warm spring night. You don’t think you can afford it? Think again! This year we are introducing a new item to our already amazing line of products called ClifRock®. ClifRock® is a very affordable way for you to obtain the back yard you have always wanted. Outdoor living spaces, water features and fire features can take weeks to custom build. With ClifRock®, it can be done in less time than with traditional materials. The product is made of a fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete panel system. It has superior strength, is freeze/thaw stable, resistant to high temperatures and abrasion resistant. This makes it a great long-lasting investment.

H&M Landscaping is the only installer of ClifRock® in Northeast Ohio. I am here to tell you this product is unbelievable! Go to ClifRock.com and see for yourself! Browse through the many product options and see what catches your eye, then give us a call. One of our designers would love to sit down with you and design the outdoor living space that you have always wanted but thought you could never afford. Book an appointment with us today so you can start enjoying your back yard soon!

Cleveland Ohio's H&M Landscaping Backyard Clifrock Install H&M Landscaping - Northeast Ohio Clifrock Pro Installer

H&M Landscaping: Expert Mulch Installation Services


Dave Knaus, CLT, Maintenance Supervisor

H&M Landscaping - Cleveland Area Mulch Installation
Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your garden. This is the act of placing a protective barrier around your plants and over your bare soil. This protective barrier can be made up of a variety of decomposing organic materials, including bark (from various tree species), pine needles and straw. Here are some of the biggest advantages of mulching:  

Using mulch, you can limit the number of weeds that spring up in the open spaces of your garden. The mulch acts as a barrier, limiting the amount of sunlight that can find its way to the weeds.

Organic mulches absorb water. Organic and non-organic varieties both cover the soil and limit evaporation. Retaining moisture (especially during hot, dry seasons) not only helps your plants, but it can also help your water bill.

Mulch prevents soil erosion by keeping rain water from washing away your soil. It does this by breaking the fall of the water and therefore lessening the force when the water impacts the ground.

Mulching keeps soil nutrients from being washed away with the rain and also releases nutrients into the soil if you are using an organic material. This happens as the organic material slowly decomposes on top of the soil.

Mulch can give a garden a finished look by filling in the empty spaces while being one of the easiest fillers to maintain. Grass, groundcovers and other fillers may take extensive care, such as mowing & watering, as well as competing for resources with your garden plants. Mulch is easy to care for and never competes with your other plants.

Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Bed Mulching Services H&M Landscaping - Cleveland Mulching Install for Landscaped Beds

H&M Landscaping Designs & Installs Belgard Paver Patios


Nick Tinik, Maintenance Production Manager

Belgard has 2019 new product introductions they are adding to an already exciting line of products. Durable and weather-resistant, these pavers can be removed and replaced in situations of underground utility repairs or upgrades.

Is it time you consider a beautiful new patio, walkway or driveway design with some of these fabulous, high-quality paving stones? If so, contact one of our design specialists to discuss your project.

Sprinkler System Tune-Up Tips from H&M Landscaping


Ralph Smith, Irrigation/Lighting Supervisor

Sprinkler System Tune-Up Tips from H&M Landscaping in Cleveland, Ohio SPRINGTIME SPRINKLER TUNE-UP CHECKLIST
Save Water, Time and Money in Your Yard

As the temperatures warm and the lawn and plants begin to thaw, there is no better time than spring to make sure your automatic sprinkler system is ready for another season of efficient lawn and plant watering. Just a few simple steps will go a long way toward saving water and money and preventing a mid-summer landscape catastrophe at home. Get the warm watering season off to a great start by doing the following:

Check the backflow
Turn on the water supply
Let the main line pressurize with water
Check for leaks
Activate each zone and check for leaks
Adjust each sprinkler
Clean around each sprinkler to remove all obstructions
Set each zone for the proper run time
Set the controller (irrigation clock) for proper start times and days to water
Check and adjust the rain sensor
Make a final walkthrough and clean-up

Make an appointment with one of H&M Landscaping’s experienced irrigation technicians. There is a little more to do than just turning on the water and hoping for the best. We will give you a brief description of what we call, “the H&M way of best practice.” This is also a great time to have us test your low-voltage lighting system for proper setup and perhaps upgrade your bulbs to LED lighting as most of us have done inside our homes. These bulbs are warranted for SIX years, eliminating the cost of changing burnt-out bulbs. Give us a call today to book your appointment, or email Ralph at ra[email protected] Thank you for your time and Happy Spring!!

H&M Landscaping Installs Unilock Split’NSTACK® Firepits


Dean Cook, Construction Supervisor

Tis the season for a nice, warm fire and what better way to enjoy it but with Unilock’s Split’NSTACK® firepit kits. Unilock has provided the landscape industry with many great products but nothing quite as popular as their Split’NSTACK® model.

Unilock’s firepit stones come in several different color selections, such as granite, river and sierra. Split’NSTACK® also comes in two different styles: Split’NSTACK® and Roman Stack. Split’NSTACK® is a sharper-edged stone with clean and concise corners. Roman Stack is more of a tumbled block with softened edges and corners. With Unilock’s Split’NSTACK® and Roman Stack you can enjoy outdoor fires in a safe and pleasant environment. They are easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting use and enjoyment.

H&M Landscaping can offer our customers fantastic designs incorporating their choice of color of Unilock’s Split’NSTACK® and Roman Stack firepits. We are currently installing one at a customer’s home along with a 750 square foot patio and overhead arbor structure, designed by Mark Barker.

Cleveland Landscapers Install Unilock Split’NSTACK® Firepits H&M Landscaping Installs Unilock Split’NSTACK® Firepits near Cleveland Ohio

Solon Ohio Outdoor Living Space & Bar Island Install


Steve Petersen, Senior Construction Supervisor

We are finally back in full swing and getting projects underway. One of our latest undertakings is a custom outdoor bar and living space in Solon, Ohio.

For this project, the customer chose Sheffield Blend Versa-Lok for the kitchen and bar, accenting it with a granite countertop. The appliances used are from the Summerset line (TRLD38” grill, TRLSSB side burner, SSRFR 4.5 cubic in refrigerator, one set of double access doors and one SSDR stainless steel triple drawer).

The patio stone is full-range Thermal Bluestone accented with a soldier course of charcoal Holland Stone by Belgard. If you are considering a project at your home, please contact us as soon as possible for a free estimate and to get your landscaping project booked on this year’s schedule.

Cleveland Landscapers Install Backyard Outdoor Kitchen with Bar Island H&M Landscaping Outdoor Living Space & Kitchen in Solon Ohio

Landscape Design: Healing and Wellness Gardens


William Keach, Senior Designer

H&M Landscaping Designs Health and Wellness Gardens The healthcare profession in the past few decades has begun to see the light when it comes to a holistic approach to health. It is commonplace now for hospitals to include wellness gardens and contemplative gardens in their site designs. The same opportunities are available to the home owner. The goals and design ideas are the same:

Planting trees and shrubs that attract everything from hummingbirds to butterflies are a good place to start.

The sound of quietly running water has been considered a soothing way to relieve stress going back at least to the Persians.

Fragrant flowers and shrubs contribute another positive sensory experience to the backyard wellness garden.

Ask your H&M professional designer for help making your garden a place of healing and relaxation. He or she will have a host of healthful ideas.

The Wake of Spring Brings Clean-Up Challenges


Eddie Murillo, CLT, Maintenance Supervisor

H&M Landscaping - Cleveland Area Spring Cleanup & Trimming The first week of spring is always so exciting as it welcomes the feeling of a new year all over again! Perennials are barely poking through and breaking that hard, crusty layer of soil that winter leaves behind as it begins to thaw. You can feel the temperatures warming up and it encourages you to get out and resume outdoor activities. You will quickly realize the mess winter left behind!  Our enhancement crews have been busy here at H&M Landscaping performing our spring clean-ups. Our services include: leaf clean-up with state-of-the-art blowing equipment and manual removal of branches, sticks and all other winter debris. We do a complete cleanup of your beds and lawn areas including all hard surfaces.   

Once all beds, hard surfaces and yard areas have been completed, the crew will begin to remove old grasses and remaining perennials along with performing shrub trimming with power shears and hand pruners will be used on all shrubs and trees requiring service. All beds and tree rings are deep edged mechanically and manually with a bed edger and edging spades. This will prepare all bed areas and tree rings to be mulched.   

Please give us a call for a free landscape consultation that best fits your needs. Services range from a one-time enhancement to a fully-inclusive maintenance program. Let us take care of your landscape needs! Spring clean-up not only helps you achieve great curb appeal, it gives you peace of mind and allows you to enjoy that beautiful landscape.

Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Spring Cleanup with Bed Edging H&M Landscaping - Cleveland Spring Landscape Bed Cleanup

Landscaping with Ornamental Grasses for Privacy


Bobby Lester, CLT, Business Development

Ornamental grasses are used in many landscape applications, but a lot of homeowners may not think of using them as a privacy fence. Most of the time your common evergreens are used for this purpose. They do work well, but several grasses can be great alternatives and take up less space.

Let’s say you live in a typical neighborhood where the houses are close together. You have a patio off the back of your home that you love to use regularly. Your neighbor seems to always be out on his patio every time you want to be on yours. You have a flowerbed along the patio between the two of you, but it is only a couple of feet wide. You think to yourself, “What can I plant in that narrow of a space to screen out my neighbor?” You run through a list of Spruce, Arborvitae, Pines and Junipers, but they either get too big, grow too slow or are too prickly. Then you think, “I’ll just use some grasses!” You clan keep them tall in the winter to see their winter beauty and then cut them in early spring.

So, if you are imagining how you could use some grasses in your yard, give H&M Landscaping a call. One of our sales staff would love to discuss the best options for your property.

Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Installs Ornamental Grasses H&M Landscaping Installs Ornamental Grasses for Landscape Privacy

Landscape Ground Covers - An Alternative to Mulch


Jerry Wilthew, Maintenance Account Manager

Spring, we hope, is not too far down the road. As you think about ways to dress up your mulched/bed areas, you might consider ground covers instead. They can be very attractive and have two good attributes: weed control and erosion control.

Maybe there is an area that always gets overrun by weeds. A thick cover keeps the area shaded and is very effective in keeping out unwanted species. You may have to be patient in getting that cover thick, but it could be well worth it. English Ivy would be one choice for rapid establishment; however, you need to keep it in check as it could overtake beds, trees and lawns. Severely sloped areas can be fortified with a creeping Juniper variety (see picture in the break wall). Again, patience is needed for total coverage which is helpful for keeping stone or bed material in place. Pachysandra or Myrtle (Periwinkle) are two slower-spreading varieties that could be used as part of your plans in any bedding area. You don’t have to fill in entire beds, just use the ground cover as part of your planning scheme.

You are the artist in your back yard. Look to alternatives to the normal and make your living space special.

Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Creeping Juniper Ground Cover Installation Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Ground Cover & Mulch Installation
Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Plantings Bed & Mulch Installation H&M Landscaping Installs Ground Cover for Weed & Erosion Control

Patio Renovation: Outdoor Pizza Oven Add-On


Kevin McCausland, CLT, Construction Supervisor

H&M Landscaping Cleveland Outdoor Pizza Oven Installation H&M is currently working on a project where we are adding a small pizza oven bar to the backyard living space. The customer chose Belgard block as well as a Belgard countertop-model pizza oven. This is a work in progress, and I felt compelled to share this with you to show that H&M never stops working. We are plowing by night when needed and installing hardscape projects during the day. This small amount of work was only two days so far and will require only one additional day to complete when the special-order material comes in. This type of efficiency can help to make a project you are thinking of more cost effective. Call us today for your free estimate and design!

Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Belgard Outdoor Countertop Pizza Oven Installation H&M Landscaping Cleveland Outdoor Countertop Pizza Oven Installation

Chardon Ohio Patio Restoration & Outdoor Kitchen


Brian Franko, CLT, Construction Supervisor

H&M Landscaping Chardon Outdoor Pizza Oven Installation
A customer in Chardon decided they wanted a new backyard to entertain in. So, if you’re going to do it, you might as well go all the way! This customer decided on a custom-made fireplace with their very own pizza oven. The structures, as well as the surrounding retaining walls and steps are made of Versa-Lok block. The customer had an outdated patio made of old red road bricks. After removing the material, cleaning, then palletizing it, we were able to reuse the material in their new outdoor living space. Counter tops are 2-1/2 inch buff sandstone and of course, the entire patio is locked in with Polybind Polymeric Sand.

Call H&M today for a free estimate to design and install your new outdoor living space.

Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Versa-Lok Retaining Wall Installation Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Versa-Lok Stone Step Installation
Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Outdoor Kitchen Sandstone Countertop Installation H&M Landscaping Chardon Patio Brick Steps Installation

Patio Installation to Kick off the Season


Steve Fuller, CLT, Construction Supervisor

Spring is almost here, and H&M Landscaping is getting ready for our season to kick off. There is no better way to start the season than with a new spring patio installation or renovation. Our crews are experts and we love installing paver patios.  We believe patios add a lot of character to your outdoor space and provide convenience and versatility to your property. A paver patio installation can offer much needed space for entertaining.  You'll enjoy relaxing on comfortable outdoor furniture and will love a built-in grill, fire pit or water feature.  Improve your quality of life by adding additional living space and increase the resale value of your home as well.

We pay special attention to installation details when it comes to paver patios. Your design options are endless with H&M Landscaping’s designers.  You can have your choice of borders, color scheme and even paver rugs to blend or contrast with your home to enhance its visual appearance.  If you know exactly what you are looking for or you need some help with the design, that’s what we are here for, to help turn that dream into a reality.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation and get your new project off the ground.
Landscaping Paver Patio Installation by H&M Landscaping Landscape Paver Patio Installs by H&M Landscaping

Design a New Outdoor Kitchen with ClifRock


Craig Kachline, Construction Production Manager

Cleveland Landscaping ClifRock Kitchen Installation Start planning your new outdoor kitchen now with our newest product from ClifRock. This product allows us to create unlimited layouts and designs. H&M Landscaping can design and build your outdoor dream kitchen to include your favorite BBQ and cooking appliances from our line of featured Summerset products or a special product of your choice. Whether you are looking for cabinets/storage, grills, icemakers, griddles, trash receptacles, paper towel holders, refrigerators, freezers, drawers or a pizza oven, we can design and install whatever outdoor features suit your needs.

ClifRock is an engineered stone panel that has a much lighter footprint than most other products. It is engineered to be weather resistant with a 9000 psi pressure rating and you can choose from many patterns and colors. ClifRock can be installed much faster than traditional methods as well, so you can enjoy your new outdoor kitchen sooner.

Call H&M Landscaping today to set up an appointment so your new outdoor kitchen is ready for summer 2019 or sooner!

Cleveland Landscaping Fire Tables, Fire Pits & Outdoor Kitchens Cleveland Landscaping ClifRock Grotto Water Feature Design

H&M Landscaping Installs Extra Mosquito Protection


Ralph Smith, Irrigation/Lighting Supervisor

H&M Landscaping installs outdoor mosquito repellent systems Homeowners looking to maximize comfort in an outdoor living space can’t ignore mosquitos.  NuTone Manufacturing introduced the HAVEN Repellent System a couple of years ago.  It's a 12V fixture that resembles a path light and can be connected directly to a low voltage lighting transformer.  Each Haven fixture emits a vapor of metofluthrin – the same mosquito repellant that’s in the OFF ™ Clip-On.  It can be used day or night (since different species of mosquitos are active at different times).  By simply installing them every 10 feet around a patio or deck, you can repel these pesky mosquitos once and for all.

The easiest system offered is a dedicated 150W IT Transformer with Bluetooth which can hold up to 12 fixtures. You don’t even have to get up to turn it on: simply load the App to your smart phone or iPad, set it up on a timer or turn it on/off manually. It’s best to turn on the system about 15 minutes before going outside so the metofluthrin can activate, vaporize the area and force the mosquitos out of the living space.

H&M Landscaping is a complete in-house design/build firm offering a full range of services including spring clean-ups, irrigation maintenance installs, maintenance and upgrades to your existing systems, low voltage LED lighting, hardscapes, softscape plantings, water features, carpentry, electrical, drainage, fertilization, full design services and complete lawn maintenance packages. Give H&M a call today- as it's never too early to discuss your spring landscape needs and dreams!

Are You Ready for the Winter Season?


Shaun Price, CLM, Maintenance Account Manager

The winter season is upon us again and that is something you should always be prepared for. To some that may mean your Yeti Rambler Cup is ready to go for a fill up from the local Starbucks but here at H&M Snow Pros that means preparing for snow removal. This starts long before the snow is in any forecast with commercial contracts being signed, materials on order and enough manpower lined up. We can take care of sidewalks and small lots all the way up to large retail and dining sites.

We make safety and training a priority when instructing our team members how to perform on your properties. This covers proper clothing all the way up to running their favorite Ford, Chevy or RAM truck with the latest Western snow plows.

Area managers put together routes with the suitable number of team members to make sure your property is serviced in the most efficient manner possible. This involves long call lists with lengthy communication and mapping to make everything run as smooth as possible.

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes with snow removal; we make sure you don’t have anything to worry about when the snow flies. We know you have a lot of options for your snow removal needs and we appreciate your business. Taking care of our customers is something we take great pride in throughout every season.
Commercial Snowplowing & Snow Removal by H&M Landscaping Commercial Snow & Ice Removal by H&M Landscaping

Save H2B Landscaping Jobs: #SaveH2B


Nick Tinik, Maintenance Production Manager

Cleveland Area H2B Seasonal Landscaping Workers With spring fast approaching and the need for seasonal workers never greater, the fear that looms over the H-2B Program has never been worse. There have been over 100,000 requests for workers and with only 33,000 visas to assign and there needs to be a permanent solution to the "Return Worker Exemption". There is bi-partisan legislation that has been started and signed by 130 members of the U.S. House and Senate. Every H-2B visa sustains 4.6 full-time American workers.

Please assist employers who provide services for which we don’t have enough American workers by sending your appropriate representative an email showing support of the H2-B Visa Program. #SaveH2B

H&M Landscaping: Plant Installations for Privacy


Steve Petersen, Construction Supervisor

Clevelands H&M Landscaping Plant Installations for Privacy Even though fall has come and gone, we are experiencing a somewhat mild winter and are still able to do plant installations. In the last few weeks we have installed two different types of privacy tree designs.

The first is a mix of White Pines and Norway Spruces incorporated into an area that had existing trees but not providing much privacy. This type privacy planting is one that is designed to draw your eye to it instead of looking past it.

Another project used a soldier course of Western Arborvitaes to create a privacy wall. These are fast growing and will not die or brown out if they contact each other. This is a more direct approach and well suited for small city yards. This design will create a natural fence that can be trimmed to any height to a maximum of around 30 feet.

Clevelands H&M Landscaping Installs Privacy Plantings

Help Save Cleveland Area H2B Landscaping Jobs


Bobby Lester, CLT, Business Development

Cleveland Area H2B Seasonal Landscaping Jobs As our political landscape is continually in a state of flux, one thing most Americans agree on and approve of is our H2-A and H2-B Programs.  These programs allow non-immigrants into our borders for a set amount of time (usually 10 months) primarily as Nursery and Landscape laborers. However, some other labor-intensive fields also need these temporary workers who return to their home country each year.  The laws protect US Citizens by controlling who is allowed in and the employers are responsible to keep them working for the duration of time agreed to.  Only workers who have proof they are in this country for work and for no other reason are allowed back.  We need these workers to provide services from Nursery to Landscaping and even for Hotel Cleaning and more.  These programs have protected U.S. citizens and provided services for reputable businesses since their inception in 2016.

Please assist employers who provide services for which we don’t have enough American workers by sending your appropriate representative an email showing support of the H2-B Visa Program. Doing this will only take a minute but will have a HUGH impact! 66,000 H2-B visas will sustain 308,220 full-time American jobs!

Commercial Snowplowing Services for your Cleveland Facility


Larry Koon, Maintenance Account Manager

Managing inclement weather across Northeast Ohio can be daunting, especially with the liability associated with snow and ice. Every facility has different needs and we understand there is not a one-size approach to snow and ice management. Our team will work with you to simplify your snow removal needs to remove the burden of managing multiple snow and ice removal companies across Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. We will always save you time, and money while providing timely service and a safe environment on the outside of your facility. Our attention to detail on safety and a clean curb appeal stands out above the rest.

Make H&M Landscaping your one phone call for all your commercial snow and ice removal needs.
Commercial Snowplowing by H&M Landscaping Commercial Snow Removal by H&M Landscaping

Dormant Winter Pruning for the New Year


Steve Fuller, CLT, Construction Supervisor

Cleveland Landscaping Tree & Shrub Pruners With the new year upon us, January can be the best time for a landscaper to prune your plants and trees. During the winter months, most plants and trees are dormant and there is very little sap and bleeding from a fresh cut.

It is also a great time to see the actual shape of the trees since the leaves are gone. Fruit-bearing, flowering and ornamental trees benefit enormously from winter pruning as it can increase flower production when springtime arrives. White Pines and evergreens should be thinned out at this time as well, as the weight of the snow and ice can bend and snap off limbs.

Please give H&M a call and schedule a trained professional to help with the process of winter pruning on your property. H&M Landscaping values your business and wishes you a Happy New Year!

Cleveland Landscaping Tree & Shrub Pruning Services Cleveland Landscaping Dormant Winter Pruning Services

Landscape Carpentry: Matching Cedar Pergola & Deck


Kevin McCausland, CLT, Construction Supervisor

H&M just finished this project for a client in Broadview Heights who had an existing Timbertech composite deck in "Tigerwood" color. The customer was looking for a company skilled enough in carpentry to modify the deck and build a matching pergola above the deck.
Pergola Covering Timbertech Deck Constructed by H&M Landscaping Cedar Pergola Covering Deck Built by H&M Landscaping

Step one was to dismantle the railing and deck skirting to allow us to dig post holes and install new posts. After the posts were set, we installed the large beam material to support the joists. The third step was to install the ledger board and then hang all of the joists at 16” on center. Finally, we reinstalled the siding, skirting and modified the railing to make it look like the new structure was always there.
Cedar Pergola Over Deck Designed by H&M Landscaping Cedar Pergola Matching Deck Installed by H&M Landscaping

The customer supplied the cedar lumber for the pergola and stained it indoors so that it would have a finished look right away. The choice of cedar, coupled with H&M's professional installation, guaranteed an excellent result that will last a lifetime!

Landscape Enhancements Add Winter Curb Appeal


Jerry Wilthew, Maintenance Account Manager

Cleveland Area Landscape Enhancements Ooutdoor Lighting Fall seemed to be nonexistent this season as winter weather has been around since early November. Hopefully, we will see some kind of Indian summer before we go into the deep freeze.

The dark, drab weather can make landscapes seem the same. Have you considered statuary or custom carpentry to soften the look? You may already have a beautifully hardscaped Belgard patio or retaining wall. Consider adding a focal piece to draw the eye. Maybe you have an area in one of the beds that you have always thought could use a little something. Have us customize a piece to fit the location and your needs. Sometimes, just a bit a lighting on what you already have in place can give the warmth and look you need.

Even though the weather may not be the best at the moment, H&M can still help you get the curb appeal that you are after. Give us a call today and we'll work together to spruce up your yard for the winter.

Cleveland Landscaping Enhancements Outdoor Statuary Cleveland Landscaping Enhancements Custom Oudoor Carpenty

Cleveland Heights Patio Restoration by H&M


Brian Franko, CLT, Construction Supervisor

Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Outdoor Living Space Installation One of our customers in Cleveland Heights decided it was time for a change with their outdoor living space. H&M carefully disassembled the old raised patio and stored the materials on site for use in the new patio design. We then installed Belgard’s Versa-Lok® Retaining Wall System in Oxford Gray color to really made this backyard patio space come alive. The Sandstone from the old patio mixed with new clay-cut brick really pulled this living space together. Sandstone accents were added throughout the new clay brick patio helped give this patio the finishing touches it needed. Soon the customer will be adding in Kichler low-voltage lighting throughout the patio and surrounding planting beds.

Call H&M Landscaping today to get the ideas flowing for your new upcoming outdoor living space.

Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Outdoor Living Space Installation Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Outdoor Living Space Installation
Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Outdoor Living Space Installation Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Outdoor Living Space Installation

Outdoor Fireplace & Fire Pit Installation


Craig Kachline, Construction Production Manager

Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Outdoor Fire Pit & Lighting Installation One of the best and most economical upgrades you can make to your outdoor living area is the addition of a fire feature. There are endless options and ideas out there that H&M Landscaping can design and build for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

You can decide on a simple fire pit for wood burning logs or a natural gas/propane fire pit with beautiful fire glass. You could have an actual outdoor fireplace complete with dry wood storage. Some of my favorites are pictured here in this article. Whether we frame your new fire feature in with a custom pergola or build your new fire pit with small stadium seating to accommodate all your friends and family at once, we can help you design and build a lasting and memorable addition to your outdoor living space. H&M can design and build anything from a simple dry stack fire pit, natural stone or a custom masonry fire pit.

Ask one of our salesmen or design specialists how we can incorporate fire features into your existing landscape or create a whole new outdoor living area from scratch, centered around your new fire feature!
Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen Installation Cleveland's H&M Landscaping Outdoor Fire Pit & Patio Installation

Landscape Renovation: Design & Installation


Nick Tinik, Maintenance Production Manager

Are you considering a facelift for your home? Do you need a privacy screen to feel more sheltered when doing your backyard entertaining? H&M Landscaping can provide both a topographical plan and a photo image, so you can easily see a view similar to how your landscape installation will look.
Landscape Design Plan by H&M Landscaping Landscape Installation Plan by H&M Landscaping

The next few months are the optimal timeframe to speak to a representative to discuss your options and to plan for a nice home improvement that can add value to your home. Call today to speak to a representative who will be happy to assist you with the perfect design for your home.
Landscape Renovation Plan by H&M Landscaping Landscape Improvement Plan by H&M Landscaping

Achillea is a Versatile Landscape Perennial


William Keach, Senior Designer

Achillea (common name – Yarrow) is an often-overlooked perennial in the typical landscape or even in the perennial garden of knowledgeable gardeners. That’s a shame because Achillea is a delicate-looking flower that is tougher than it appears. It is named for Achilles; his soldiers applied the plants to their wounds.
Achillea New Vintage Red Flowers & Plantings by H&M Landscaping Achillea New Vintage Rose Flowers & Plantings by H&M Landscaping

Achilleas are heavy blooming, happy-go-lucky perennials that grow in almost any soil and tolerate heat, drought and wind. They prefer full sun to light shade and butterflies love them. Achilleas flower from mid-summer to mid-fall in soft shades of orange, copper, red, purple, pink, yellow and white. The flowers array in gently arching lids on the top of green stalks. In the center of the flower clusters, many cultivars have a small button of a lighter shade of the flower’s color.
Achillea New Vintage Violet Flowers & Plantings by H&M Landscaping Achillea Pomegranatee Flowers & Plantings by H&M Landscaping

Yarrows grow from six to 60 inches tall. King Edward is a short cultivar that produces masses of light-yellow flowers. Walter Funke, at about 14 inches, blooms red and yellow. Achillea Gold Plate can grow to four or five feet in height. There are many other choices in size and color for the designer to select. Depending on the cultivar, Achillea can be grown in hardiness zones 3 to 10. They spread easily so plant them with room to roam. As cut flowers or dried flowers, Achilleas shine in either setting.
Achillea Saucy Seduction Flowers & Plantings by H&M Landscaping Achillea Sunny Seduction Flowers & Plantings by H&M Landscaping

If you’re planning a new garden or just adding to an old layout, ask your H&M Landscaping professional to include some Achilleas. As they mature, you’ll learn to love this hardy little perennial.

Beautiful Stamped Concrete Patio, Fire Pit & Landscaped Beds


Steve Petersen, Construction Supervisor

H&M Landscaping just had the pleasure of completing a beautiful stamped concrete patio and a new lawn with planting beds on a newly constructed home in Chardon. The first challenge was the steep grade in the backyard, but we were able to excavate the hillside to level it out. Next, we installed a Sheffield blend Versa-Lok wall and steps to serve as the foundation for the patio. The stamped concrete patio used the Ashlar Slate pattern; the base color was Sun Buff and the secondary release colors were Charcoal and Chestnut.

We installed a split-and-stack fire pit with a gas log starter and a louvered-style seating wall (using Sheffield blend Versa-Lok caps) to go around half of the fire pit area. Planting beds, top dressed with mulch, were then installed along with the new lawn. We harley-raked the existing ground to set the proper grade, remove debris, and spread new topsoil over the entire lawn area prior to hydro-seeding. The Final touch was installation of under-cap lighting on the patio pillars and steps. H&M created a beautiful new backyard that will be enjoyed on cool autumn evenings, sitting by the fire, with plenty of room for family and friends.

If you are considering a project at your home, please contact us as soon as possible for a free estimate and to get your landscaping project booked on this year’s schedule.

Call H&M Landscaping to Winterize Your Irrigation System


Ralph Smith, Irrigation/Lighting Supervisor

H&M Landscaping can Shutdown & Winterize Your Irrigation System Autumn is here, and we all know what will be coming next. It’s time to start booking appointments for irrigation season shutdowns. There is more to a proper shutdown than just shutting off the controller. Be sure to set up your irrigation shutdown early before the winter weather sets in.

Irrigation systems can be a great benefit to your lawn. We all know that lawns need regular watering to stay healthy. To keep your irrigation system performing in tip-top shape, you should ensure that it receives regular maintenance. You also need to ensure that your system is shut off during the winter season. Shutting off irrigation systems just before the temperature begins to drop below freezing will help ensure that your system is not damaged. Excess water can remain in your system after use, whether it be in the pipes or in the sprinkler heads themselves. If this water freezes, it can cause cracking or other damage to your system which can be costly.

When you are ready to winterize your system, call H&M Landscaping at 440-564-1157 to book your appointment and to have one of our experienced technicians protect your irrigation investment!

3-Step Lawn Rejuvenation to Recover from Thatch


Eddie Murillo, CLT, Maintenance Supervisor

Cleveland Area Lawn Care by H&M Landscaping What is thatch? Thatch is a layer of living and dead organic matter at the surface of the soil. Thatch can be beneficial to have if it’s less than half an inch. It can help to insulate the yard from extreme temperatures, protect from foot traffic and prevent weed germination from reaching the soil. When thatch becomes excessive and has become thicker than half an inch it can create many issues. It can harbor pests and many lawn diseases. Eventually thatch can limit the ability of oxygen and water to filtrate through to the root system. It may interfere with insecticides and fertilizers as well making them less effective. 

Step 1: Thatch will have to be removed mechanically with a dethatcher. What this does is remove the dead and living root system from the lawn. This will create a very unsightly view of all organic dead matter. The main purpose of dethatching the lawn is to get rid of the “carpet like feeling” from the lawn by breaking it up and removing that layer of thatch. After dethatching, removal of all leftover thatch and lawn debris will need to be done manually with a rake.  

Cleveland Area Lawn Dethaching by H&M Landscaping Cleveland Area Lawn Overseeding by H&M Landscaping

Step 2: Aeration of the entire lawn. The main purpose of aerating the lawn is to penetrate and break up the compacted soil. You will start by poking holes about 4 inches apart with a 2-inch depth in about a one- half inch diameter with an aerator. This process will allow nutrients, oxygen and water to penetrate the root system in the soil and reduce compaction.

Cleveland Area Lawn Aeration by H&M Landscaping Cleveland Area Lawn Maintenance by H&M Landscaping

Step 3: Slit seeding will be the final process to complete the lawn overseeding. A slit seeder is used to accomplish this by creating small grooves or slits in the ground where the seed will be injected. This process will have to be done throughout the entire lawn. As the seed is being put down the slit seeder will inject seeds into every plug from the aerating process. It is also recommended to broadcast seed after aerating the lawn. 

Another H&M Landscaping Beautiful Backyard Transformation


Kevin McCausland, CLT, Construction Supervisor

H&M is just finishing up the final touches of this large project. We removed an old deck from the house and then started with a clean slate. The first step was to install the new Composite decking. We used TimberTech brand decking- the color chosen by our customer was Silver Maple. We finished off the deck with custom Sandstone-topped seating benches trimmed in Composite to match the deck. The next thing we worked on was the grill and kitchen area. We used Cultured stone to match the house and installed a new 36” AOG grill with rotisserie. We completed the kitchen area by installing a custom Sandstone countertop.

Landscape Patio and Deck Design by H&M Landscaping Landscaping Patio and Deck Designs by H&M Landscaping

We moved on from there and started with the hardscape retaining walls. The customer chose Belgard brand Versa-Lok wall stone and picked Sheffield blend as the color choice. The fire pit was Belgard Brussels Block with a gas log lighter installed to make lighting the fire problem free. The patio surface itself is 1” Thermal Bluestone in the Full Range color. We re-purposed old Sandstone curbs as steps by cutting and rock facing the fronts. This always adds a great conversation starter with guests, as these old curbs are reclaimed from vintage Northeast Ohio roads. The plant selections were specific for this backyard as well because of the unique area with less sunlight and deer-resistant needs. 

Landscape Outdoor Patio Design by H&M Landscaping Landscaping Outdoor Patio Designs by H&M Landscaping

Projects like these are great to do all at once, but don’t feel like you need to undertake an entire job all in one year. H&M Landscaping can implement your design in phases, done over several years, to realize your ultimate dreamscape! We also offer financing options if it suits your needs better. Please reach out anytime for a no-charge estimate with zero hassle.

Cleveland Backyard Landscape Design with Deck, Outdoor Kitchen, FirePit & Patio

Landscaping Crews are the Core of Our Business


Jerry Wilthew, Maintenance Supervisor

Landscaping Crews & Workers Serving Cleveland & Notheast Ohio As our landscaping season winds down, we hope that you have had a chance to get to know your crews. Some may see the same crew weekly, others only for a few days. Whatever the case may be, we do hope that they were cordial and friendly, but I can say without a doubt, if you talked with them it made an impression.

We have quite a large labor force with multiple skill sets and personalities. Getting the right people together on the job is key. They all know that the impression you as the customer have when they leave the site is the most important thing. Some are new and learning, but these members could be the strength of our team down the road. Others have been with us a long time and many of you ask for them by name. Some of our crews are only here in the Cleveland area for the summer landscaping season. Without this seasonal labor, our capacity to serve would be very limited. Many of them have been coming for years and as you can imagine, they miss their friends and family. I think that many of you have become extended family for them and they thank you for your friendship and patronage.

H&M Snow Pros: Cleveland Commercial Snow Plowing Services


Bobby Lester, CLT, Business Development

Professional Snow Plowing and Snow Removal Services in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio After a snowfall, it is important to clear parking lots and sidewalks to provide safe access for employees, customers and suppliers. Promptly removing snow and minimizing icy surfaces is crucial for reducing the likelihood of slips and falls. H&M Snow Pros is always there to attend to and manage Mother Nature for our customers. Small or large snow amounts can be easily handled without issue by our certified and professional snow account managers. Our reliable crews are in heavy demand again this year, so it is critical to have H&M service contracts in place prior to the first snowfall of the season.

When selecting a contractor, it is imperative to make sure the people who remove your snow/ice will show up as anticipated, do a thorough job and work within previously negotiated contracts and price guidelines. We make sure the contract covers all your needs (i.e., parking lots, driveways, walkways). Look for an established, licensed and bonded professional and always check references. Ask to see the contractor’s certificates of insurance and make sure coverage for liability and workers compensation insurance is current.

H&M Snow Pros is a very sought out and reputable company that is a one-stop shop and can handle any landscape project or any snow removal needs you may have. From small snow storms to large blizzards, our company will make sure your property is serviced and taken care of so you can have peace of mind. We strive to bring the same incredible service to all of our accounts- no matter what size the property. We take tremendous pride in our business and our clients’ needs are of utmost importance to our company. Call us today for a free quote on snow removal services for your property.